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Horváth is your trusted partner for your success. We are excited to provide more than 40 years of expertise to our clients in the United Arab Emirates.

As an internationally sought-after management consultancy, we help companies make strategic progress, consistently exploit growth potential, establish effective structures and processes, and set the course for success. We support companies and organizations on the path to transformation to achieve sustainable value and success in a changing world. Transformation, performance management, and digitalization are our core competencies and driving forces on the shared Road to Sustainable Value.

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This is how decarbonisation succeeds in Europe

Decarbonization is a necessary objective on our path to a carbon-free economy. Unfortunately, numerous companies across Europe still don’t have a clear climate strategy or a tangible plan for decarbonization – many of these companies haven’t set themselves any targets regarding minimizing their own carbon emission rates.

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Corporate Transformation

The strategic, structural, and cultural adaptability of your company and your employees is the decisive factor in securing your own financial prosperity and competitiveness today and in the future. This requires a holistic view of the company and a plan for fundamental renewal. We call this Corporate Transformation.

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Leaders on Purpose CEO Study

The understanding that the purpose of a company must be more than just earning money and making customers happy has become one of the main evolutions in business all over the globe. It is a key driver of successful strategies and some even argue that it has become the most important transformation idea since the turn of the century.

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Sustainability Study Report 2022 for the Manufacturing Industry

In 2022, we are living in a modern society that for the first time in history prioritizes not only economic wealth but also environmental health as the socio-economic benchmark. In addition to the general population striving for a more sustainable lifestyle, various industries are also working ambitiously towards a green future. With increasing public pressure, the EU has set a target to become CO2-neutral by 2050. But what are companies doing to effectively combat climate change?

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